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Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 removed the requirement for all areas to have Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards (LSCBs) and instead introduced a new duty on three statutory partners to make arrangements with other partners (as locally determined), to work together in the local area to protect and safeguard children and young people. These three partners should represent the local authority, health and police services in the local area.

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership (PSCP) is independently chaired and the three statutory partners are Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group and Hampshire Constabulary.

The strength of local partnership working is built upon the safeguarding partners working collaboratively together with all other relevant agencies and services in Portsmouth who come into contact with children and families. The PSCP arrangements will engage these local organisations in order to collaborate and provide targeted support to children and their families. The local approach also enables joint identification of, and response to, existing and emerging needs, and to agreeing priorities to improve outcomes for children. For more detail on these arrangements please refer to the Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements.

The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership will hold itself true to two key principles;

  1. To place the welfare and safety of children at the heart of everything we do. We will ensure that the impact on children and families will inform every conversation we have, every piece of work we do, every decision we take and every change we make.
  2. To routinely ‘hold the mirror up’ to our practice with children and families. We will be challenging of ourselves and of each other, whilst equally taking a shared responsibility approach to improvement.  As Portsmouth continues its journey to a ‘restorative city’, high challenge and high support will define how we work together.

Our Partnership will be defined by these principles and will be judged on the improvements we make to keeping Portsmouth’s children safe from harm.

PSCP Committees

The PSCP has a range of committees in place to help identify emerging issues and respond to agreed priority areas. In recognition of the fact that many of the organisations we work with cover a larger geographical area, we also work closely with the Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Southampton. This arrangement is collectively referred to as ‘HIPS’.

Our current committees and their Chairs, both in Portsmouth and across the HIPS area, are as follows:

  • PSCP Partnership Board (Independent Chair)
  • Executive Committee (Independent Chair)
  • Learning from Cases (SCR Review Team, Hampshire Constabulary)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Scrutiny Committee (MESC) (Assistant Director, PCC Children and Families Services)
  • HIPS Executive Group (Independent Chair)
  • HIPS Procedures (rotating between HIPSs Business Units)
  • HIPS Child Exploitation Group (Superintendent, Hampshire Constabulary)
  • HIPS Health Group (Assistant Director, NHS England)

The PSCP also commissions task and finish groups as necessary to deliver actions.

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership – Training Programme

PSCP is privileged to have an ‘in-house’ multi-agency training programme offering a wide range of training events available for those who work with children and families in Portsmouth. We have sixteen tailor made course covering a breath of safeguarding topics. We can offer bespoke and single agency training to meet the learning needs of teams and organisations. All our training is delivered by frontline professionals working in Portsmouth with support from the Training Manager and the Children & Families Practice Trainers. The principles and underpinning ethos of all our training is drawn from restorative practice.

Key Documents

The PSCP is supported by a Business Unit, to find out more about this team click here. Click here for information about how the Partnership collects and uses personal information.