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Inter-agency Contact Form – guidance and samples forms

Colleagues from a number of agencies – working on behalf of the Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership – regularly look at the application of threshold in the MASH including establishing a view on the quality of contacts made to the MASH.  The most recent audit activity has indicated that there is multi-agency improvement work required to further improve the quality of contacts to enable safe decision-making at the MASH.

A small working group has designed an on-line interagency contact form to support the on-going improvement work with the overall aim to:

  • Improve information sharing
  • Speed up the process for all involved
  • Improve accessibility for all professionals

After rigorous testing and consultation the on-line form is live and ready to be used by everyone who contacts Portsmouth MASH.  This form replaces the old Word document and should be used in every scenario when contacting Portsmouth MASH.  The guidance for completing an IACF is still exactly the same and can be found here

The below sample IACFs are written on the old Word documentation but can still offer learning and guidance in terms of what information to include.