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Child death notifications and information gathering

When a child dies – notification to CDOP

Please remember it is a statutory requirement to notify CDOP of all child deaths from birth up to their 18th birthday. If there are a number of agencies involved, liaison should take place to agree which agency will submit the notification. However, unless you know someone else has done so, please notify CDOP with as much information as possible.  The email address to send this information securely is:

Child death reviews – information gathering

After a child has died and CDOP has been notified, analysis will take place to ascertain those organisations who were involved with the family and/or child during their life and at the time of their death.  CDOP will then forward the reporting form as appropriate.  This form is used in the child death review process to gather information about each child’s death. Its primary purpose is to enable CDOP to review all children’s deaths in their area in order to understand patterns and factors contributing to children’s deaths. Please complete those sections on which you hold information. If you do not have information for a particular item please tick NK (not known).