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Re-think – A new approach to resolving concerns

Giving and receiving honest challenge about our work with families can be difficult and taking time to ‘slow down’ and consider how to go about hearing challenge is vital to ensure children and their families are kept at the centre of our work. Resolving concerns should be seen as an integral part of how we advocate for children and their families in Portsmouth.

The PSCP has developed a new ‘Re-think’ approach, whereby professionals reflect on a case either virtually, on the telephone or face-to-face to explore the current concerns and find resolutions. There is a 5 step model for this approach that can be found within the guidance, alongside three separate strategies to help the Team Around the Family to progress together.

Here is a short presentation on what Re-think is in Portsmouth, this 11 minute presentation will guide you through:

  • The background & context
  • What has influenced the development of Re-Think
  • What the 3 Re-think strategies are
  • What support is available locally to embed Re-think within practice

As Alison Jeffery, Director of Children and Families and Education says, ‘this “Rethink” process is another tool in our restorative toolbox, to help give structure and involve more people, where we need to take another look at what we are doing. It will keep us all safer, make sure we reach better decisions, make better plans and above all, keep more children safe and thriving’

Click here to read Re-think resolution of concerns

Click here to read the accompanying Re-think guidance

Requesting an Independent Facilitator:

The PSCP encourages Re-think strategy 1 & 2 to be facilitated by the Lead Professional and / or their line manager and take place prior to an independent facilitator being requested. In scenarios whereby a Re-think Strategy 3 is required you can request an independent facilitator by completing this form