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MASH details for professionals

Professionals who work with children in the city can contact MASH by telephone 0845 671 0271 or email. This contact should be followed up with a written Inter-agency contact form within 48 hours.  For help completing this form please see the guidance.

The MASH is multi agency and brings together services such as from social care, education, health, police and children centres. The MASH aims to work together to offer the right help at an early stage to families who need support.

Consent to share

You should seek, in general, to discuss concerns with the family and, where possible seek the family’s agreement to making a referral unless this may, either by delay or the behavioural response it prompts or for any other reason, place the child at increased risk of Significant Harm.

  • A decision by any professional not to seek parental permission before making a referral to Children’s Social Care Services must be approved by their manager, recorded and the reasons given
  • Where a parent has agreed to a referral, this must be recorded and confirmed on the relevant referral form
  • Where the parent is consulted and refuses to give permission for the referral, further advice and approval should be sought from a manager or the Designated Senior Person or Named Professional, unless to do so would cause undue delay. The outcome of the consultation and any further advice should be fully recorded

All recording with regards to consent to share information should be included in the inter-agency referral form and kept on individual organisation’s record systems.

Please see the 4LSCB Child Protection Procedures

If you are worried about a vulnerable adult please complete the attached Adult Safeguarding Concern Form and send it directly to the Portsmouth Adult Mash at