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Single agency quality assurance audits

All agencies in Portsmouth have a responsibility to check the quality of their child safeguarding and early help practice and processes to ensure children are protected from harm.  There are various methods for this including reviewing case files, assessments and/or plans, case reviews and interviews with clients.

The primary use of the intelligence gathered from this quality assurance activity is to find out how we can improve by considering:

  • What is good about our work?
  • Where are we doing things well and can this be extended into other areas?
  • Where there are concerns around quality of work, what do we need to do to put this right?
  • What policies and procedures are relevant to the audit?

The PSCP would like to know the results of these.  They will contribute to the PSCP’s understanding about how well children are safeguarded and can contribute to our Training Programme.  It will also help the PSCP avoid duplication of work, when planning the deep dive programme.

Please complete one of these templates for each audit/review you carry out and email the audit report along with the completed template to