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Child G

Child G Learning Review, May 2019

A learning review is used when a situation is not judged to meet the threshold for a Serious Case Review but it’s felt that there are lessons that can be learnt about the way that partner agencies worked together to safeguard that child. A learning review considers the quality and effectiveness of the support a child and their family received in order to learn lessons about what changes can be made in order to improve outcomes for children

The Child G Learning Review has been published alongside a similar report from Portsmouth Safeguarding Adult Board due to the fact that they share a number of themes. You can find a copy of the Safeguarding Adult Review of Mr D on the Portsmouth Safeguarding Adult Board website.

Joint statement from the chairs of the Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board and the Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board:

“We have taken the decision to issue these reports at the same time as there are a range of issues highlighted that should be taken on board by professionals working across the health and social care system in the city. The common issues raised include the understanding and application of mental health legislation, making the transition from children’s to adult social care, supporting young people with complex conditions and how best to work with the families of those young people.

“In line their statutory responsibilities, the boards commissioned independent authors to review the circumstances that led to hospital admissions of two young people with complex conditions – Child G and Mr D.

“Although both young people have survived the neglect they experienced, it is important to acknowledge the serious, life-threatening situations both found themselves in. As with all reviews conducted in situations like these, this exercise is not about apportioning blame, but rather is about taking the opportunity to reflect on what all partner agencies in Portsmouth can seek to improve in the future.

“Both of the boards will be working closely with all partner agencies in the coming months to ensure that the recommendations are embedded within those organisations.”